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Product Code: TOY-ED-5L
Model: Hiace, Hilux
CC: 2986cc
Year: 97-

Produced in the Hilux and the Hiace van from 1997 through to 2005 was the 5L diesel engine. The power outputs of the 5L was fairly similar to its older brother the 3L, putting up numbers of 89.8hp (67kw) at 4,000rpm and 141ft.lb (191Nm) of torque. There is two variations of the 5L. One variation is known simply as the 5L while the other is known as the 5L-E which is a different animal. The standard 5L is run with a mechanical rotary pump fuel injection system, while the 5L-E is run by an efi rotary pump fuel injection system which is completely dependant on an ECU and wiring harness, so be sure to know which of the two you are after. The 5L is a highly sought after diesel engine for conversion purposes as it is a simple and ideal upgrade for the older 2.4ltr (2L) and the 2.8 (3L) engines. These upgrades are about as simple as they come, with it able to use the same exhaust, gearbox, starter motor and even engine mounts so there is nothing to worry about during the install. To further customize this conversion, it is also possible to use the CT20 turbo and 2L-T turbo manifold on the 5L which will increase the power, torque and fuel economy, although there is a little bit of other work also needed to be done to do this. 

Price: $3,950.00
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