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Toyota JDM Parts for Sale

Brisbane Motor Imports specializes in all JDM parts for Toyota vehicles. The Toyota brand has done well establishing fan bases for 4wd, fwd, rwd, 4 cylinder turbo, 6 cylinder turbo, v8 and diesel performance vehicles. Names such as the 1UZ, 1JZ, 2JZ, 3SGTE, Beams, 1HDT, 1HDFT, 1HDFTE and 1VD are all regularly referred to in discussions for the best of their class. Brisbane Motor Imports has access to all of these parts on a regular basis. Below are some of the most popular options.


Popular JDM Parts

1JZ engine package.The 1JZ is an affordable 6 cylinder turbo performance engine that has regularly been used in conversions of all types. Capable of handling substantial power with limited work, if you are at a performance meet, chances are someone will have one.

2JZ engine package.Putting it simple, if you haven’t heard of a 2JZ engine then you probably haven’t researched hard enough. The 2JZ is regularly referred to as the premiere JDM performance engine. With a higher ceiling than the 1JZ engine, you will not be disappointed with a 2JZ engine.

R154 gearbox.When you have the power that the JZ engines are able to produce, you need a good gearbox. The R154 is a factory gearbox behind the 1JZ. Although very rare this gearbox can be obtained through Brisbane Motor Imports.

1HD-T engine.Landcruiser 1HZ owners often first go through the route of turbocharging their engine. Not too long after, they start looking at Toyota’s factory options. The 1HDT is a direct injected 1HZ with stronger conrods, pistons and rings. The 1HDT will not let you down.

1HD-FT engine.The 1HDFT is a 24 valve direct injected 1HDT that has increased performance. Brisbane Motor Imports is able to regularly obtain these engines.

If you are a Toyota enthusiast looking for JDM parts, then scroll through and look around.

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Offering branded Japanese and Korean motor parts, clients can be assured with the performance of every products they purchase. They can have a taste of the fast and sleek performance drive at their own hand.

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Having huge sections of branded Japanese motor parts, clients can have a wide selection of products that suits their purpose, budget and style. Clients are sure to get their money’s worth with the best brands that are tested and guaranteed

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